• The Mac [MAN] has launched!


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    Where do I start? from a sketch on a piece of paper to a photoshoot supported by fourteen people and two dogs; my menswear dream came to life on Tuesday.

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    So we are live, Say hello to 'David'. It was a natural progression to introduce menswear as the masculine partner to The Mac.

    The feedback has been absolutely amazing and I cannot thank my friends enough for making this shoot happen.

    I'm attached some of the behind the scenes pictures, I can't wait to update everything Thursday with Ryan (who is the face of The Mac [MAN]  and is going to be working with me on the creative side of things).

    Below are some of the  guys that made it happen, massive thank you to Alex at Burning Red, Leigh at W.D. Winns, Fairfax & Favor, Craig Wharton , Walker Slater menswear and Zenmaster , the locations Coed Y Mwster, The Bush Inn and W. D. Winns head quarters.

    Lastly, my amazing friends who were the best models ever, Ryan and Dean Fortt, Tommy Newton, James Sharkey, Cameron Clements and Luke.

    To contact Alex at Burning Red visit

    Can't wait to hear everyone's thoughts,


    Lorna xx




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    Massive thanks to Leigh... we got a picture of you in the end :)

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